Mushroom farm equipment — top features

Purchasing equipment is never something that should be done at random. Especially when it comes to particularly costly machines, devices and other key products, such as the ones used in mushroom farming. What features should those products have in 2024, in order to be considered a good investment? We’ll explain below!

Mushroom picking lorry

Mushroom picking lorries are currently much more complex pieces of mushroom farming equipment than they used to be. Technological advancements allowed them to be fitted with many modern, interesting features, that can highly affect the mushroom picking efficiency, and as a result, the farm’s overall profitability.

What features do we mean? Above all, the automation features, such as automatic movement of the platform (especially up and down, but also left and right), and automatic stoppage system.

The first one leads to fast and easy picking, resulting in more efficient and less tiring work. It’s operated remotely. There’s no need to manually turn a crank in order for the platform to move, as was the case in older models. The second aforementioned feature ensures safety on the farm, helping to avoid accidents.

Climate system

A climate system is responsible for, as the name suggests, maintaining the appropriate climate conditions on a mushroom growing farm. Quite obviously, as with any and all farming, the crops’ quality, including size, is dependent on the conditions they grow in.

Good climate systems ensure the optimal temperature, humidity and so on at every stage of mushroom growth, leading to uniform and big crops. What to look for to select the right one? New, high-quality models are packed to the brim with sensors, and they are also easy to operate and reliable.

Mushroom scales

Mushroom scales might not be as big and complex as other described elements of mushroom farming equipment, but they are also important. If the right ones are not selected, they might be difficult to operate, imprecise and frequently become faulty.

That’s why it’s essential to choose models distinguished by precision, short stabilization time, available functions (such as percentage weighing and accumulation), as well as resistance to harmful conditions.

There are many aspects that influence whether the farm will be successful or not, its equipment being one of the most important ones. Low-quality, obsolete technology equals frequent need for replacements, and it doesn’t bring satisfactory results. It’s best to choose high-quality equipment from trusted suppliers, such as GROWTIME.

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