Late-Night Vibes with Jinx Your Ultimate TV Companion

League of Legends enthusiasts and animation aficionados alike are in for a treat with the uproarious creation by SeejayDJ titled “Night Time TV with Jinx.”

This short animation takes viewers on a wild ride as the mischievous Jinx infiltrates a bedroom, bringing her signature chaos and humor to the small screen.

Embracing Jinx’s Signature Style:

The animation opens with Jinx, the unpredictable and explosive character from League of Legends, sneaking into a bedroom through the window.

Embracing Jinx's Signature Style:

Clad in her unmistakable purple wig, a black tank top, and hot pants, Jinx brings her larger-than-life personality to the scene. Sporting a backpack filled with explosives, she’s ready to turn the mundane into mayhem.

A Rollercoaster of Humor and Action:

As the viewer sits on the bed, engrossed in the television show, Jinx takes center stage. However, her attention wavers quickly, leading to a series of hilarious antics.

From tossing clothes around to breaking toys and even setting off explosives, Jinx ensures that her presence is anything but ordinary.

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From Annoyance to Amusement:

Initially met with annoyance, the viewer soon finds themselves drawn into Jinx’s whirlwind of fun. The dynamic shifts as they engage in games and even permit Jinx to unleash her explosive prowess on their TV.

The transformation from irritation to enjoyment creates a unique and entertaining dynamic between Jinx and the viewer.

A Visual Feast for League of Legends Fans:

“Night Time TV with Jinx” not only captures the essence of Jinx’s character but also pays homage to the League of Legends universe.

A Visual Feast for League of Legends Fans:

The animation is a visual feast, skillfully incorporating Jinx’s trademark look and mannerisms into the storyline. Fans of the game will undoubtedly appreciate the creative use of this iconic character.

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The Climax: Laughter and Camaraderie

The animation crescendos to a climax of laughter and camaraderie. Jinx and the viewer, initially at odds, find common ground through the chaos and share moments of genuine amusement.

The fusion of humor and action leaves a lasting impression, making “Night Time TV with Jinx” a memorable and enjoyable experience.


In conclusion, SeejayDJ’s animation stands out as a hilarious and action-packed tribute to League of Legends and its beloved character, Jinx.

With its well-executed animation, clever humor, and the unique interaction between Jinx and the viewer, “Night Time TV with Jinx” is a must-watch for those seeking a riotous good time in the animated realm.


Q1: What inspired SeejayDJ to create “Night Time TV with Jinx”?

SeejayDJ drew inspiration from the vibrant and unpredictable nature of the League of Legends character Jinx, aiming to bring her chaotic charm to life in a humorous animation.

Q2: How long is the “Night Time TV with Jinx” animation?

The animation is a short and sweet experience, running for approximately 3 minutes, packing a punch of laughter and action within its brief duration.

Q3: Is knowledge of League of Legends necessary to enjoy the animation?

While League of Legends fans may appreciate the homage to the game, the animation’s humor and antics make it enjoyable for a broader audience, regardless of their familiarity with the game.

Q4: Can I find “Night Time TV with Jinx” on popular streaming platforms?

Currently, the animation is primarily available on online platforms and video-sharing websites. Check SeejayDJ’s channels or related communities for the latest updates.

Q5: Are there plans for additional animations featuring Jinx in the future?

While specific plans may not be disclosed, SeejayDJ has hinted at the possibility of more animated adventures featuring Jinx, keeping fans eagerly anticipating what might come next.

Q6: How did fans react to “Night Time TV with Jinx”?

The animation has garnered positive reactions from fans, who appreciate the creative blend of humor, action, and the unique interaction between Jinx and the viewer.

Q7: Can I share or use clips from the animation in my content?

The usage of clips may be subject to copyright restrictions. It’s advisable to check with SeejayDJ or relevant sources for specific guidelines on sharing or using content from “Night Time TV with Jinx.”

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