A User's Guide to txrhlive

Texas Roadhouse, a household name in casual dining, is known for its lively atmosphere, sizzling steaks, and friendly service. But beyond the bustling dining rooms and warm rolls, lies a digital portal for employees: txrhlive.

This online platform serves as a one-stop shop for Texas Roadhouse staff, offering access to important company information, training materials, and communication tools.

In this article, we’ll delve into the world of txrhlive, exploring its features, functions, and why it’s a valuable resource for both current and former Roadhouse employees.

Introduction to txrhlive:

Simply put, txrhlive is Texas Roadhouse’s online employee portal. It’s a secure platform accessible through any web browser, acting as a central hub for everything work-related.

From checking schedules and pay stubs to completing online training modules and staying updated on company announcements, txrhlive streamlines daily tasks and keeps employees informed.

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What is txrhlive?

Txrhlive offers a multitude of features and functions for Texas Roadhouse employees, including:

  • Schedule Management: View and update work schedules, track time off requests, and receive notifications about schedule changes.
  • Payroll Access: Access pay stubs, review past earnings, and update tax information.
  • Benefits Management: Enroll in and manage health insurance, retirement plans, and other employee benefits.
  • Company Information: Stay updated on company news, policies, and procedures through announcements, documents, and training modules.
  • Communication Tools: Connect with other employees, managers, and departments through internal messaging forums and discussion boards.
  • Performance Management: Review performance evaluations, set goals, and track progress.
  • Job Listings: Explore career advancement opportunities within Texas Roadhouse.

How to Access txrhlive:

To access txrhlive, employees need to use their company-issued username and password. The login page can be found at .

How to Access txrhlive:
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If you encounter any difficulties, simply call Roadie Support at 1-855-698-7446 or reach out through the provided form on the site.

How to reset your txrhlive username or password?

Forgot your login credentials? No worries! Txrhlive allows you to conveniently reset your username or password by clicking the corresponding links on the login page. You’ll be guided through a simple process to recover your access.

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How Former Employees Can Login?

Even after leaving Texas Roadhouse, former employees can still access certain information through txrhlive. By using their former employee login credentials, they can view previous pay stubs and W-2 forms.

Benefits for Businesses:

Txrhlive isn’t just beneficial for employees. It also streamlines operations and saves valuable time for businesses.

Benefits for Businesses:
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With employees managing schedules, accessing information, and completing tasks online, txrhlive reduces administrative workload and improves overall efficiency.

Additional Tips for Logging in to txrhlive:

  • Ensure you’re using a secure internet connection when accessing txrhlive.
  • Avoid using shared computers for logging in, especially for public terminals.
  • Keep your username and password confidential and avoid sharing them with anyone.
  • Update your password regularly to maintain security.

Future Developments:

Texas Roadhouse is constantly innovating, and txrhlive is no exception. We can expect future updates to include new features, integrations with other platforms, and enhanced user experience.

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For Texas Roadhouse employees, txrhlive is an invaluable tool that simplifies daily tasks, keeps them informed, and empowers them to take control of their work experience.

It’s a testament to the company’s commitment to employee engagement and provides a solid foundation for future growth and success.

So, next time you step into a Texas Roadhouse, remember, the lively atmosphere and delicious food are only part of the story.

Behind the scenes, txrhlive quietly hums as a digital hub, connecting employees and helping them navigate the Roadhouse journey.


Q1: I’m new! How do I access txrhlive for the first time?

Use your company-issued username and password at https://txrhlive.com/. If you don’t have them, call Roadie Support.

Q2: Can I check my schedule and request time off on txrhlive?

Absolutely! View, update, and request time off, all conveniently within the platform.

Q3: I left Texas Roadhouse. Can I still access anything on txrhlive?

Yes! Use your former employee login to view past pay stubs and W-2 forms.

Q4: Who should I contact if I forget my txrhlive login?

Don’t sweat it! Click “Forgot Username/Password” on the login page and follow the steps to recover your access.

Q5: Does txrhlive offer any training resources?

You bet! Find online training modules on company policies, procedures, and even skill development.

Q6: Can I connect with colleagues through txrhlive?

Sure thing! Utilize internal messaging forums and discussion boards to stay in touch with fellow Roadhouse crew.

Q7: What’s next for txrhlive?

Expect exciting updates like new features, platform integrations, and an even smoother user experience!

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